Lemonage – (Jubel)


Sativa Hybrid – 80/20

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Lemonage is a sativa-dominant strain, brought to us by Tryke, who prefers to keep the lineage a secret. Many believe it to be a descendant of Lemon OG as it boasts a similar aroma. The Lemonage buds consist of dense, lime-green leaves, and a generous assortment of fuzzy bright-orange pistils. A coat of amber trichomes brightens the buds and hides the true forest-green color of the leaves underneath. The aroma of fresh Lemons and Pine is complimented well with a sour-lemon flavor, as Lemonage is packed with tartness and leaves the user with a spicy, pepper aftertaste.


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2.51, Limonene, α-Pinene, β-myrcene

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